۵Beware the Water Mistress۵

Waka!Sin and teen!Yamu one night stand drabble petition of sevenvoyages here you go!

She loves him, probably more than she ever loved anybody in her life, she just doesn’t love him that way. He’s a father, a brother, the only person who ever told her it was possible to start all over even after the damange she’d caused. He was her saviour and she loved him very much, yes she did.

Just not that way…


She clings to him, shivers against his touch and buries her face on his chest as he removes her dress, all the decorum and embarrassment just popping into her mind when it should’ve been the opposite, and he can’t help but laugh because she’s so cute and innocent and pure and he doesn’t want under any circumstanes taint her with his own filth.

But she’s not a child anymore, and he has noticed and can you blame him? She looks so beautiful, bare under the candle light and shivering because the night is cold and he wants to cuddle her against his chest and never let her go.

Her precious magician who whimpers at first but tries to disimulate the pain because she doesn’t want him to think she’s weak, but he slows down a bit and soon he can see that face he loves so much, that flustered expression that makes him want to kiss her all the more.

Because she’s his magician, and Sinbad, ever so selfish doesn’t want to share her with anyone else.