۵Beware the Water Mistress۵


Idiot, I told you…I told you that I couldn’t afford to lose anybody else in my life. I told you…didn’t I? T-that I couldn’t watch anybody else leave me, that I wouldn’t be able to go on if—

You’re a liar, you promised me you wouldn’t leave, you promised me you’d be careful, I should’ve never let you go on your own! Idiot! Why were you so worried about me, why couldn’t you worry about your sorry skin!?  Idiot why can’t you accept help once in your life, why do you have to be so stubborn!?

You promised…you promised you’d be back. You’re such a liar, Sharrkan. I should’ve known better coming from you…you idiot why couldn’t you understand that I can’t lose you!? You of all people! I can’t afford to lose you I don’t even know what I’ll do now because you left me alone again! I can’t…

Why is it that you always leave me crying at night, you’re such an idiot…this time you won’t come and apologize for being stupid. I need to hear that, you know? I need to hear you apologize for being such a reckless idiot!

I need you…

Y-you should’ve stayed silent…if you were going to leave after saying all those things…if you were going to put your life in danger. Are you happy now? You finally managed to leave me without words.

Idiot…I hope you at least put up one hell of a fight, because if not I’ll be sure to hit you so hard when I go up there! 

Idiot…idiot…now I’m alone again. 

I hate you, I hate you so much.

I can’t believe I was so in love with you.”